Owney’s Map

CLICK HERE–to see a map of where OWNEY, THE MAIL-POUCH POOCH has been read.

To put a flag on your town, you may either post below or send me an email at rkerby@mcdaniel.edu

1. Individuals, type your first name(s)–NO last names–, your zip code, and maybe the url address of an image to represent your city or state.

2. Teachers or librarians, post:

  • School Name
  • Street, City, Town, Zip Code
  • The url address of an image that best depicts your school or town.

I’ll update the map as often as I can.–Mona Kerby June 1, 2013


42 Responses

  1. Siting 1 Address:
    Grandview Elementary School 151 Grandview Ave Monsey, NY 10954

    He saw the students.

    Smell, Taste, Hear:
    He ate lunch in the cafeteria. He smelled the hamburgers. He tasted a chicken finger.

    He left the the Grandview Library Mail button.

  2. Hi Mona! Just trying out your website and thinking of possibilities for our students.

  3. Thank you for coming to our school! We liked learning about your book. We have been looking on the computer for more Owney facts because he was a really cool dog. We are your new fans! Thank you again!

  4. Rich has shared Owney’s story with the kids at Laytonsville Elementary School in Laytonsville, Maryland@ 20871

    You’ll find a picture of a Lion’s Club float riding down Laytonsville’s main street during a parade here.

  5. I read your book and I really like it.

  6. I love the book Owney!

  7. I love the owney book!

  8. I like your book a lot!

  9. Hi Mona,
    I’m a librarian at Crestline Elementary School in Birmingham, AL. I have read your fabulous book about Owney and will be using Sarah Chauncey’s project organizer with my students. I love Owney’s Blog, map and video. Great job!
    Thanks so much,

  10. This is an amazing book and I look forward to sharing it with all the kids here at the library!

  11. This is an amazing book and I look forward to sharing it with all the kids here at the library in Riverside, CA!

  12. I got this book from my Aunt Patty for Christmas. I really like it. I liked how it really happened. I live in Minnesota and Owney came through St. Paul and Duluth. Thanks for the signed copy for my class at Crooked Lake Elementary.

  13. I really the book Owney because its about a real dog.

  14. Hi Mona! I’m having fun negotiating Owney’s blog. I read the book with my children, Adriana and Ian, in Wolcott, Vermont this weekend. We’d love to be added to your map!

  15. Hi, Ms. Kerby!
    We loved your book! You have nice illustrations. Our favorite part was the fact that this story is based off of a real story. It is fiction, but also non-fiction. Did Owney like to eat mail? When you found Owney, did you find out where he came from? When do you think your next book will come out? Where did they find Owney? Do you have any pets? What did they feed Owney? Were they able to get the mail from under Owney and get it delivered? Do you like dogs? How old did they think he was when they found him? When Owney went around the world, how did they get him back on the boat? We look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you tomorrow.
    Mrs. Stewart’s 2nd Grade Class

  16. How did owney go all them places and where are the dog tags

  17. Hi Hailey,

    Owney visited all the places by riding the mail trains. The tags that he collected are at the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C.

    Mona Kerby

  18. We LOVED reading your book about Owney, watching the video and doing the activities on your web site. We are lucky that the book is one of Vermont’s Red Clover nominees. Please add our school to your map.

  19. We loved your book because it was based on a true story. We watched the movie of what Owney would have seen and heard while living in the late 1800’s. We especially liked the music. The book sparked lots of sharing of dog stories. Bakersfield’s 3rd grade class

  20. We read your book at Folsom Educational and Community Center, 75 South St., South Hero, VT 05486.

    Some questions and comments from my students:

    What gave you the idea to write about Owney? He also wonders how old Owney was when he first came to the post office.

    “The book was really good. I enjoyed reading a lot of interesting facts about Owney — where he went and what he did.”

    “One student liked how Owney just showed up at the Albany post office and made himself at home.”

    Another student thought the book was OK. One thing he wanted more details about some of his trips. He also wanted more action.

  21. Dear Folsom Students,

    Thank you for telling me you liked my book about Owney. Here are some answers:

    1. I got the idea to write about Owney because I was doing some research for another story. I found one paragraph and one photo on Owney, and I thought his life would make a good book.

    2. I’m not sure how old Owney was when he was found at the Albany Post Office. No one does. Since he was an orphan dog, no one know his birthday.

    3. Thank you for sharing that you like the facts and how Owney made himself at home. I really enjoyed learning about such an interesting dog.

    4. I can’t give any more details about Owney’s trips because we don’t know much more. I wanted to tell a true story. But I am curious. What kind of action would you have enjoyed hearing about?

    Best wishes,
    Mona Kerby

    P.S. Check Owney’s map. I made a Folsom flag.

  22. Dear Mona,

    One fourth-grader who mentioned he wanted more action, suggests:
    * maybe Owney got hurt (because that shows action) and you showed him being cared.
    * you could have made up one of his trips and what he did on one of his trips. Like maybe he when he is jumping off the railroad train when it’s going fast.
    * Also, it is sort of unrealistic that the dog carried all those medals. (But another student says “Dogs are strong.”)
    * another student would like to have read more action about Owney on the train with the mail carriers.
    * Yet another student said I would have like to have seen more pictures of Owney going to places (real photographs) because that would give the book a little bit more interest.
    * Finally, another student said Owney could have gotten dog-napped by a burglar and all the customers who get mail. Then he described a lawsuit, which could have closed the post office.
    * Another student extrapolated on the first student’s suggestion that Owney jumped off the train and break two legs.

    Another student thinks Owney could get parted from his mail pouch and run off to go find it. The mailmen would noticed he was missing and go find him.

    Another student mentioned that maybe you just wanted to write true information about Owney and not fiction.

  23. Dear Mrs. Kerby I read the book Owney I loved the book a thing i think you would like is children working hard at school and I think you will like Wendys there are Frostys and I think that you would also like burgar king you probraly would like the Union Station you could get a train charm you would probaly have a lot of fun Your Friend Lily

  24. Dear Mrs.Kerby, Just creating a fun lesson for the kids with Owney’s book as the featured award book of the week. They will love the historical elements provided in your UTube video. Thank you for the wonderful connection to the book.

    Mischelle T.

  25. Hello all! We are getting very excited abour Skyping with you, Mrs. Kerby. Owney is preparing to travel to each student’s home and get many new tags for his jacket and many new entries in his journal! Thank you for sending him to us!

    Susannah Hogan, librarian
    Wellford Academy of Science and Technology
    Wellford, SC

  26. Mona,
    Congratulations on being nominated for the Show-Me Award this year. After reading the book with our 2nd and 3rd grade classes this week, it is clear why your book was selected. The students really enjoyed the book and it provided material for some great discussions. Please add our school to the map. Good luck in the voting!

    Michelle Oliver
    7297 E Farm Rd. 164
    Rogersville, MO 65742

  27. I am 6 years old and we read this book in our school library class. I loved this book! I am learning to be a writer at school.

  28. Hi Madison, thank you for your note and telling me that you like my book on Owney. I am so glad you are learning to be a writer at school. With all best wishes, Mona Kerby

  29. HI Mchelle Oliver and all the students at Logan-Rogersville Elementary School. I’ve got you on the map! Thanks for your post. –Mona Kerby

  30. Hi Ms. Kerby. This is Mrs. Edborg from the Harris Hill School Library. My 2nd grade class wants to tell you how much they enjoyed the Skype visit with you!

  31. hi Ms.kerby i loved learning about Oweny in the harrishill libary with Mrs. Eborg.My Mom read Oweny the mail pouch pooch too. I love Owney the Mailpouch Pooch. I want to go the Smithsonian Museum to see Owney stuffed.

  32. Hi Mrs. Edborg and Harris Hill Second Graders,

    Thanks so much for your kind note!

    Happy spring,
    Mona Kerby

  33. Hi Emily Mclean!

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I appreciate your kindness.

    Best wishes always,
    Mona Kerby

  34. Hi Again Mrs.Kerby,

    I wanted you to know that I want to become an author and illustrator too. I would like to learn more about Owney. If you find anymore facts about Owney will you share them with me? Thank you.

  35. Emily, I will wish all the best in becoming an author and illustrator. If I learn any more facts about Owney, I will be sure to post them.

    Fondly, Mona Kerby

  36. whay don,t you know your llistator.

  37. i am andrea .d. solis from mrs .ewalds class at berkshire school .

  38. you inspir me to writ books i saw you at the isembly at school and i thek you are prtte .

  39. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for your kind words. The illustrator lives far away from me, and so, we have never met. Remember–the editor chooses the illustrator.

    Best wishes on your writing. Keep on reading!

    Mona Kerby

  40. Your book was read to 48 pre-service teachers at the University of Central AR in Conway, Arkansas. They really appreciated the associated cross-curricular activities that were available on your website. We look forward to meeting you via Skype tomorrow!

  41. Hi Mrs. Kerby,
    This is Mrs. Edborg from the Harris Hill School Library. We really enjoyed our Skype visit even though you had a storm and we had a bad connection! We really loved your book!

  42. Hi Ms. Kerby,

    Second graders are enjoying your book here at Town School in San Francisco. Our website is here: http://townschool.com/

    We can’t believe there aren’t any flags for San Francisco yet, we are excited to be the first. Thank you!

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