If Owney came to your school…or town…or California, what would he see? Who would he meet or smell? He loved trinkets. What would you give him to help him remember his visit?

In your answer, include your city and state. In the box where it asks for your name, don’t type in your last name.

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65 Responses

  1. I can’t believe it’s a true story ! That’s such a cool story. Something that I can’t believe is that Owney got more than 200 trinkets and medals. I love the book!

  2. If Owney came to our school, he would see a lot of kids. I am guessing that we would all think he was adorable. “Aaaaaaawwwwwww!” would probably still be ringing in his ears. He would also probably be sore from being petted. Everyone would love him. I think that everyone would want to give him a trinket. I would give him one in the shape of a bone, or a chew toy. I would have one thing to say to him, IF he were still alive. I LOVE OWNEY!

  3. your book is so cool some people would think the story is not true just because it looks like a fiction-book because you painted the pictures.

  4. I think Owney was a very good dog and he was ment to be a mail dog I love Owney and I wish I could meet him. He must have been very special to you mail folks and train folks and any one else that he meaned a lot to.

  5. I love animals. This just makes me love them more!

  6. i really enjoyed the book owney.It is full of love and humor and creativeness.If owney came to my town he would be destoyed by attention.He would be wagging his tail happily and then……… a big blob of people would be surrounding him, petting him and touching him.It would be the best day of his life also the worst.

  7. I really can not imagine a dog like that !

  8. i wish owney was still alive he was a good dog i love him very much he is very cute and pretty

    your pal,
    kayla woodman

  9. We are in Los Altos, CA. If Owney visited our school, he would see our beautiful playground, lots of seagulls, crows, and pigeons, and awesome tennis courts. He would smell juicy hot dogs cooking for lunch. Lots of kids would cheer if Owney visited. As a reminder of his visit, we would give him a leather badge in the shape of a tiger because that’s our school mascot. It would stick on his collar so no pin would stick him.

  10. Hello Students in Los Altos, CA,

    How much fun! You used so many good details that I can see your school in my mind! I would like to see crows, pigeons, and seagulls in the air. And I know that Owney would love hearing your cheer for him. And how nice that a pin would not stick him when we would wear his tiger badge.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  11. Dear Ms. Kerby,

    We had a really great Skype talk with you. Thank you for taking your time to tell us about being an author. We were amazed by how perseverant you were with your book and we’re glad because we really liked reading it. Mrs. Auten is always making us revise our writing. We asked our librarian to get your book about cockroaches because we are studying insects.

    Room 23

  12. Dear Mrs. Auten and students in Room 23,

    Thank you for your note. You all looked so happy when we had our Skype visit. I am glad Mrs. Auten is such a good teacher!

    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  13. dear Ms.Kerby Ithink owney the mail pouch pooch is a great look i thinks its cool how owney goes all over the world i love your book and thank you for visiting my school you are a great writer i hope you write tons more of books

  14. Hi Mona!
    Remember me from Endeavour? I am very close to finishing my Fairytale!! I am love Owney he is so determined to keep that mail safe! Post back as soon as possible! Oh and how’s weather in Maryland??
    Emily R. :0)

  15. hi Mona Kerby i loved ur book it was really cool of u to come to Endeavour and talk about ur books to all of us i enjoyed hearing u talk hope a nother book of urs will come out soon
    kelsie : ) 8 )

  16. hey mona your book on oweny was fabulous and i love it i wonder if you could read these comments and write me back. I’m a sixth grader at thorner elementary and i would love to read another one of your books please right me back your #1 fan Quincy
    I hope you will get the chance to read one of my books one day and my honorable mention will be my influence Mona Kirby

  17. Thank you for coming to Berkshire Elementary School in Bakersfield, CA. Also, thank you for signing my book that you signed for me. One more thing, thank you for letting me ask you question at the assembly.

    Sincerely, Brady Salyards

    PS: I think you are a great author.

  18. Hi Ky,ie!

    Thanks for writing. I hope you have a fun summer and read lots of books!

    Best, Mona Kerby

  19. Hi Emily R,

    Yes, I remember you! Good luck on your story. Don’t get discouraged. Be sure to read this summer!

    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  20. Hi Quincy Hicks!

    Thank you for your kind words! I will look forward to reading your book.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  21. Hi Brady!

    Thank you for your kindness. Have a great summer!

    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  22. Hi, my name is Kenya and iwas wanting to know how you find out about Owney

  23. Thankyou for sining my book on the 5-13-11.I realy apprecate it alot.

    Your Pal,
    Kenya Villatoro

  24. I think he would see all new people and things hess never seen before! Hed proabably go to the schools and check thtem out and smell the cafeteria lunch! Ugh! Hed maybe also see some birds flying in the air! the smell of the dirty air! And to help him remember us I would give him uhh ooh maybe id give him a pin that has a C.A on it! That wll help him rmeber C.a
    -Your frann

  25. Hi Kenya, I learned about Owney because I read about him. I liked to read. Happy reading! Sincerely, Mona Kerby

  26. Hi Kenya, you are welcome! Your pal. Mona Kerby

  27. Good post, Randi! Sincerely, Mona Kerby

  28. hi mrs. kerby my name is cassadi my teacher is ms.noland you came to vist us at berkshire elementary in bakersfield

  29. i love your writing and i love your books

  30. Hi Cassidi,
    Thank you for your kind note. Please tell Ms. Noland hello for me. I like Berkshire Elementary School!
    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  31. hi i’m a big fan of the books u write . You went my school called Fremont Elementry and my favorite book is Owney The Mail-Pouch Pooch. and my is vannah.

  32. Dear Owney,
    Welcome to San Francisco! Thank you for delivering our mail. Make sure you see the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge, it is magical! My dog tag for you has a picture of the Palace of Fine Arts on it because it is right next to my school. Thank you!
    Ms. Der Yuen

  33. Dear Owney,
    Welcome to San Francisco, California! I appreciate all of your hard work. I hope you get a chance to see our Bay Bridge, which I cross every single day! My dog tag for you has a picture of Golden Gate Park where I love to spend time in the summer. Thank you so much!
    Ms. Nielsen

  34. Dear Owney thank you for delivering are mail feel free to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the sun set love john

  35. dear Owney thank you for coming to San Francisco. I want you to see japantown.from finn

  36. Deer Owney,
    My tag for you is the goldon gate bridge

  37. Deer Owney,
    My tag for you is the goldon gate bridge

  38. Dear owney,
    Welcome to San fancisco!I hope you see the Golden Gate Bridge.
    I hope you can see Town Shool!
    Your a grate dod

  39. Dear Owney ,Thank you for delivering mail

  40. Dear Owney,Thank you for being such a big help in delivering mail ! I really won’t you to see all the cool features of San Francisco

  41. Dear Owney, thank you for deliavoing mail to us.if you came to San Francisco. From, Lucas

  42. Dear Owney, welcome to San Francisco I hope you see the sunrise and thanks for giving us are mail

  43. Hi Nicolas!
    If Owney were still alive, I am sure he would love to see a San Francisco sunrise. I know that I would! Thank you for writing, Mona Kerby

  44. Hi Lucas, thank you for writing on my blog! Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  45. Hi Kellen! Thank you for writing on my blog saying how you would want Owney to see everything. If he were alive, I’m sure he would enjoy all the sights–and smells. Take care, Mona Kerby

  46. Hi Pierce!
    Thank you for posting on the Owney blog. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  47. Hi Michael, thank you for your post on the Owney blog. I’m sure that if Owney were alive, he would love seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  48. Hi Cole! Thanks for posting on the Owney blog. That would be a good idea to give Owney a tag of the Golden Gate Bridge. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  49. Hi Finn, thank you for posting on the Owney blog. If Owney were alive, I am sure he would love to see Japan Town. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  50. Hi John! Thank you for posting on the Owney blog. That is a good idea for Owney (if he were still alive) to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the sun setting in San Francisco. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  51. Hi Ms. Nielsen! You and your students are making me want to visit San Francisco again! That sounds swell that you get to cross the Bay Bridge every day! Take care, Mona

  52. Hi Ms. Der Yuen, thank you for posting on my blog! If Owney were alive, we would make certain that he visited the Palace of Fine Arts–and your school–because I love schools. Take care, Mona Kerby

  53. Dear Owney, If you came to San Francisco, you should come see a Giants game! You could keep a baseball card as a trinket. I also think all the kids at Town School would love to have you visit. Thanks, Ms. Der Yuen

  54. Dear owney you should come see all the landmarks of San Francisco

  55. Dear Owney if you came to Sanfrancisco I think you should watch a Gintes game and a Wariors game all the best Connor

  56. Dear Owney,
    I think you should go to a giants game. They are so fun. I’d give you
    giants baseball card for a trincket. You should also go to the Golden Gate Bridge.

    From, boden

  57. Hey owney,
    You should go to a warriors,giants or 49ers game.THERE AWESOME the warriors are awesome

  58. Dear owney I hope you are doing great and I love your book.So if owney was still alive I would love to see him.I love the book owney the mail pouch.I would give him a trinket that has me and his face on it.Love Dyon the boy who loves owney.

  59. My tag would be a giants tag

  60. Your trinket should be a Wariors collar

  61. Hiiiiii!!!

  62. Dear Owney,

    I think you should go to Warriors game.
    I’ll get you basketball card. Which one would you


  63. Dear Owney,
    You should really hop on a Cable Car and I will give you a cable car token.

  64. Dear Owney,coming to California is going to be great!Town School trinkets have tigers on them.A lot of dogs come here.The sights on the Golden Gate Bridge are great!Take care,Adrian

  65. Dear Owney, in San Francisco you can go to a Giants game. You can go on a boat in the water and maybe you can catch a ball. As a trinket, you can have a baseball card. Thanks, Dylan

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