Hello Iowa Students,

What would you like to share after reading, OWNEY, THE MAIL-POUCH POOCH?  Here is a map of Iowa and a link to your state song.

Best, Mona Kerby


20 Responses

  1. Best story ever! How did you get the idea by Cole

  2. I like everything about your books. Bailey

  3. Owney was a good story.My favorit part was when Owney jumped off the mail truck. From Ella

  4. How long did it take to get to China? kaeden

  5. How long did it take to go to Alaska? from Dalton

  6. I liked the part where owney was with the mail train and the clerks.

  7. How did you remember that day? I liked your story.

  8. I like the part where Owney
    got all of the badges. How many badges did Owney get? How old was Owney when he died? What kind of dog is Owney? Where was Owney born? Was Owney an inside dog? Did Owney have any siblings?


  9. hi my name is kiara i love your story i wold like to no more about your story can you tell me your name p.s i love the story oney can you tell me more about that story im 7 yers old how old are you.i have dirty blond hair whats your hair color i have 2 dogs and 1 cat do you have eney cats or dogs by from kiara

  10. How meny towns and cities did Owney go to.How old was Owney when he was famous. Grace

  11. did owny have any friends? i like when owney traveled to new places. ryan

  12. Hi Ryan! Nice to hear from you. Yes, I would think Owney had lots of people friends. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  13. Hi Grace!
    Thanks for writing. We are not sure, but we think that Owney visited at least 1,000 towns. We think he might have been around 8-10 years old. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  14. Hello Kiara, thank you for your kindness in saying you liked my book! Thanks for posting, Mona Kerby

  15. Hello Iowa! We think Owney received about 1,000 badges. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  16. Hi Marissa, I was not alive when Owney was alive. To tell his story, I read old newspapers and books about Owney. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  17. Hi Kaeden, that is a great question about asking how long it took to get to China. I am thinking it would have taken him about a month to get there. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  18. Hi Ella!
    I liked that part, too–especially when he sat on the mail pouch and guarded it.
    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  19. Hi Bailey! Thanks so much for saying that! Your pal, Mona Kerby

  20. Hi Cole! Thank you for your post. I got the idea because I love to read, and I read about Owney. Your pal, Mona Kerby

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