If Owney came to your school…or town…or Maryland, what would he see? Who would he meet or smell? He loved trinkets. What would you give him to help him remember his visit?

In your answer, include your city and state. In the box where it asks for your name, don’t type in your last name.

Click to hear the Maryland state song.




155 Responses

  1. If Owney visited Westminster, Md., he would love the snow that is falling right now. He also would like to have some crabs, since just about everyone in Maryland eats crabs. He would also love to play with Max, who is a dog that lives nearby.

  2. What an amazing dog Owney was! I would love to see a state link for Pennsylvania!! I am from Hanover, PA and I think Owney would love to visit my town! We have wonderful snack foods like Snyder’s pretzels and UTZ chips! Owney might also like to have a picnic at Codorus State Park or visit nearby Gettysburg Battlefield.

  3. If Owney came to Maryland, he might want to visit Washington, DC, which is near MD, to see the monuments, such as the Lincoln or the Washington, or maybe he’d want to veiw the Smithsonian museums! He might even visit my nieborhood and trick-or-treat with my family at Halloween! He could dress up as a mail carrier!

  4. If Owney came to our area he would probably run in all the fields. And he would chase the cats, and maybe even guard the mail. I bet if he were here for Halloween he’d dress up as a mail carrier!

  5. If Owney came to Glenelg he would probobly go visit the local postoffice and guard the mail for the mailmen. He would probobly also want to get a trinket to remember Maryland.

  6. Owney was an amazing dog who started to patroling a post office and ended up travleing around the world,Owney was a travleing miracle.Owney could jump on any moving train in sight,he even won a dog show.Owney the best dog ever.

  7. If owney came to Maryland he would go to the post office,and he would sleep in a mailbag.

  8. If Owney came, Owney would probaly see gas stations and grocrey stores. He probaly would chase a couple of cats, bicycles, cars, and mail cars. Owney might want to go to Washington D.C. to see the monuments. That is what Owney would probaly do/see.

  9. Owney would see alot of farm land and he would smell the Royal Farms breakfast sandwiches if he came to our area. He might even go to the post office. I would give him a horse shoe trinket so the mailmen would know he was here.

  10. If Owney came to Ellicott City i would want to meet him and make him a new maryland tag.

  11. If Owney came to my school first probaly tons of girls wold be petting him and everything.I would probaly give him a little made up paper tag that has a black eye susan or something that has to do with Maryland.

  12. Owney would go to the Ellicott City post office because in the story he worked at the post office. He would try to find the teachers mailboxes.

  13. If owney was in clarksville he would hear laughter of children. He would also see children wearing costumes for Halloween night.

  14. Dear Owney,
    Your book is compleetly awsome. It rocks like rocks. 100% good. I will show you want he will. Feel, Smell, Taste, Hear, and See.

    He would see people walking. He would eat hotdogs on the ground. He would smell pudding. He would feel the street. He would hear cars in Syksville.

  15. Hi! If Owney came to Glenelg, tons of kids would pet him and a bunch of girls would start up the AAAWWW!

  16. If Owney came to Catonsville,MD I would want to meet him and give him a Maryland tag.

    If Owney came to Columbia I would give him a card that said Owney went to Maryland and give him a stamp

  17. Owney would see people walkingin Sykesville.He would eat hotdogs. Owney would smell pudding. He would feel the street. Owney would also hear a car.

  18. Owney would like to go to the Glenwood Post Office. We would give him a gold medal and some stamps!

  19. If Owney were here a bunch of fourth grade girls would burst out of their classrooms and would act as if Zac Efron just came. Girls would give Owney TONS of kisses and go all goo goo over him. I would too!

  20. Kathleen
    If Owney came to Ellicott city, he would smell the mailman. He would feel my mailbox. Owney would taste my mail. He would hear my bike. Owney would see my woods.

    If Owney came to Columbia, he would see my cat Jersey and probly not like it! He would smell all the wild animals in my backyard. Owney would taste my pears, mulberries and blackberries there. He would feel my grass and hear the cars.

  21. What would he see?
    – the beautiful artwork hanging in the media center
    – some dogs books he might enjoy
    – a ship in the Baltimore harbor
    – he would see a great book written about him in our library

    Who would he meet or smell?
    – Mr. Winner and his great kindergarten class
    – pizza in the cafeteria
    – he could smell the cool, autumn air

    What would you give him to help him remember you?
    – a small note he carry with him
    – red a ribbon with the Longfellow Elementary eagle on it
    – an Eagle Wing coupon with his name on it for doing such a good job
    – a coupon for “one free back scratch”

  22. What would he see?
    – he would see us and know that we were friendly
    – he would see our new playground
    – in our classroom, he would see our cubbies where we keep our books (they might remind him of the post office mailboxes)

    Who would he meet or smell?
    – he would meet everyone in our class and smell our perfume
    – he could meet our moms and dads outside when they come to pick us up
    – he could meet our teacher, Ms. Bien. She smells nice.

    What would you give him to help him remember you?
    – a smiley face sticker for doing such good work for the post office
    – a keychain picture of our class to attach to his collar
    – a coupon that says “FREE to come visit our school any time he wants to”

  23. What would Owney see at our school-
    -He would see the dragon!
    -He would see the pool.
    -He would play on the playground.
    -He could play football with us!

    What would he smell?
    -He would sniff our headmaster, Mr. Ventre
    -He would smell the hot lunch cooking!

    What would he take away from our school?
    – a stuffed dragon!
    -Owney would take away a little medal from our library!

  24. What would he see?
    – He would see us at our Green Light Dance Party on Fridays.
    – He might see our Longfellow mascot, Eddie the Eagle.
    – He will see us playing on our new playground, on the wheels that spin.

    Who would he meet or smell?
    – He would smell chicken nuggets and tater tots in our cafeteria.
    – He would meet Mrs. Nowack, our new school principal.
    – He would meet Mrs. Butler and she smells like cinnamon.

    What would you give him to help him remember you?
    – We could give him a picture of all the kids at Longfellow.
    – We could write a little “thank you” note from our class and attach it to his collar.

  25. If Owney came to our school, I would make him an honorary library dog and let him check out a pet book for two weeks from our collection.

    Linda S

  26. If Owney came to Glenelg, i would give him a treat.Then pet him.

  27. If Owney came to school, I would want to give him a little badge to wear for his coming to our school. He could also watch us work in LA and watch us play flag football.

  28. If owey came to are shcool we will let hem check out a dog book.

    Also we will let him go to the book fair.
    Then we will take him back yo new york.

  29. If owney came to our school I would let him play football and also be our running back. then i would give him a stuffed dragon and a medal!

  30. If Owney came to my school, I would show him my classroom, and he would meet my teacher.Then he would meet my mom who works there.Owney would
    go run around on the playground.

  31. if onwy came to our school I would give him a book
    and a meadl.

  32. If Owny came to are school he would get to diliver the school mail.and Id give him a book mark.He would get a dragon.

  33. If Owney came to our school he could try out for the cross country team and play flag football with us at recess!

  34. If onwy came to our school we whould give him a meadl,a dog threat,and a onwy book.Then i whould take him to a post office were he can sleep on the mail bags. After that we whould go on a train ride and we whould visited,new york city,brooklyn,and bosten.finally we whould go back to school.

  35. If owney came to are school I would give him a green dragon pin and a stuff dragon and he would smell the hot lunch cooking.He would see our mascot the dragon and our library!

  36. If onwy came to our school we whould give him a meadl,a dog threat,and a onwy book.Then i whould take him to a post office where he can sleep on the mail bags. After that we would go on a train ride and we whould visit new york city,brooklyn,and bosten.Finally we whould go back to school.

  37. If Owney came to my school I would give him a dragon pin.

  38. if owney came to our school he would play basketball with me and my friends and I would give him A BASKETBALL!

  39. If Owney came to my school, he would go on the playground and have fun. And I would give him a dragon

  40. If Owney came to our school, he would be able to come and eat lunch with me and my friends. I would give him my hot dog!

  41. If owney came to my school i would send him to the post office and then he would come back to the school and we would give him treats and the next day he would be back at the post office

  42. ifowney cametoomyschooliwouldgivehim anfootball

  43. If Owney came to my school I would bring him in to the lunch room and share my lunch with him. then I’d bring him to recess and play “mulch” with him and my best friends!

  44. If Owney came to my school he would play tag in the woods and we’d give him a pound of treats and a big chewy toy.

  45. If Owney came to my school, he would play flag football with me and my friends!

  46. If owney came to my school he would have with me and my firends. we would play in the leaves.

  47. If Owney came to my house i will give heam a cosey bed and give hem a cup of icecream..

  48. If Owney coud be a reciever in flagfootball I woud give medal with a guy playing football.

  49. If Owney came to my neighborhood, he would get to protect my mail and if he does a good job he would get a biscuit and a hamburger!

  50. I f Owney came to my school Igive him a tag from my mom,s office and if he came to my home he could play with my dog,s.

  51. If Owney came to my house wandering I would give him a biscuit and play with him.

  52. If Owney came to my neighborhood we would go to school every day and play flagfootball all day with my freinds.He would be wide reesever.And he would stuf down all the food!

  53. If owney was in my neighborhood I would let him play with my dog,play with my toys and play with my brother. He could have a dog tag and a dog toy.

  54. If Owney came to my house, I’d let him chase the cats and feed him and when he left I’d put a note on his harness with my name on it.

  55. If Owney came to our school, he could see our teachers, he would smell the octopus we disected, and he would get a Chessie boat for reading!

  56. If Owney came to our school,I would show him the libary.

  57. If Owney came to my school,He would play on the play ground with me and my friends if he did well in L.A and Math I would give him a hamburger from lunch.

  58. If Owny came to my school, he could watch me do my math homeowrk.

  59. If OWNEY was in my class room.That would be so cool. He could smell the pie he would love it so so much.He would be all over it.

  60. If Owney came to our school, he could see our class mascot, Rusty, the dog.

  61. If Owney came to our school , I would read books to him and help him spell.

  62. If Owney came to our school, he could see the gym, where he could run around and play fetch.

  63. If owney came to my house he would get to play with me on the playgrand. You would see the sild.

  64. If Owney came to my school, he could see us work in L,A and Math and he could see our class mascot Rusty.

  65. If Owney came to our school, he would help us with our school work. He would play tetherball with me. Owney can be our school dog!

  66. If Owney came at our school, he could guard our campus. He would play with a ball on our campus.

  67. Owney would have a fabulous trip to Cranberry Station Elementary if he came to visit! He would see lots of On-Track students having fun learning about reading, writing, math, social studies, science, computer lab and specials. He would meet many respectful and responsible students who would love to be his pal. He would smell the wonderful aroma coming from the cafeteria. We would give Owney a conductors hat as a keepsake to help him remember his trip. We think Owney’s loyalty and adventurous side would help him to be a great conductor!! WE LOVE OWNEY!!!

  68. If Owney came to my school he would have fun with all the boys and girls.

  69. If Owney came to Stevensville, he would be able to swim and play in the Chesapeake Bay. Maybe, he would find the buried treasure at Bloody Point! Aargh, me matey!

  70. Do you know how many tags Owney had? Also did that dog really travel the WHOLE WORLD or was that part fiction?

  71. Hi I was wondering were you got all the information about owny? and why did you write about it?

  72. I was wondering where did you get the idea to write
    the book Owney the mail pouch pooch

  73. hi i just wanted to know what made you choose to write about owney the dog do you like dogs?

  74. How did you hear about Owney the dog and what made you want to write the book?

  75. I love books like this because l love when the dog is the hero instead of always having people save the day.l love dogs and they are my favorite animal.

  76. you did a wonderful job on Owney the mail pouch pooch!!!! I loved it! It was a great book! i hope you come out with a Owney 2. I hope you liked the book just as much as i did! I hope to hear from you soon!!!

  77. The book Owney was a hard book to think of as a real story but once a saw the video was surprised even if I thought it was real before. ware did you get the information or how did you find out

  78. It would be cool to see Owney in the museum and be able to see what he actually looked like. How many tags where on Owneys collar? He had a lot! I liked the book. You did a good job.

  79. i loved the book owney and that it was nice to let people learn about the historical mail pouch pooch

  80. I love the book Owney and I was wondering what inspiered you to write the book ?

  81. Why do you like writing Historical Fiction books? Wouldn’t you like to make a story completely from imagination?

  82. Why did you decide to write a historical fiction book on Owney?

  83. I loved Owney. What kind of dog was he? If Owney were to come to Maryland he would eat blue crabs and shrimp with me. What was fiction in this book? Bye!

  84. I really enjoyed learning about Owney’s adventures with the mail pouches. I was wondering, how many tags did he collect? By the way, I enjoyed your book alot.

  85. I had a question for you is Owney really in the Smith sodium or did you just right that to make it more interesting for the reader.

  86. What inspired you to retell this story?

    You did a terrific job telling us about the adventures of Oweny the Mail Pouch Pooch!

  87. I loved the book it was a adventurus funifying book .What was it that inspired you to write the book about Owney?

  88. Hello,
    Do you know if Owney was ever really lost during his adventures? I think your book is great!

  89. Hi Natalie, Michael, Ethan, Logan, Emily, Jarod, Cameron, Nick, Alexis, Helon, Megan, Hope, Lauren, Jessi, Emory, Jason, Ryan, Daniel, and Lacy,

    Thank you for posting, and thank you for reading my book on Owney.

    Here are a few answers to your questions. I love dogs, too. We have a big dog named Reilly. Right now, he is sleeping in the sun on the back porch.

    The story was as true as I could make it. So, yes, Owney visited every place I mentioned.

    Owney is really in the National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. In all, he collected about 1,000 tags.

    Good question–about whether Owney got lost. We don’t really know since he couldn’t talk. But I bet he did get lost a few times.

    Your pal,
    Mona Kerby

  90. How long did it take to get all your research to write the book about Owney? I have a puppy. Her name is Nellie. She is a golden retriever.

  91. I love your new book it was very good.I want a dog very much. see you on December 1st.

  92. If Owney came to my house I would allow him to play with my dog Roscoe, then I would give him a trinket and ship give him back to New York I really enjoyed your book.

  93. How did you first here about Owney?
    I think it was cool how people added tags to Owney to show where he has been and how he was also so independent.

  94. If could be any type of animal I would be a dog, hopefully a mail dog like Owney.

  95. I loved your book! Can you make another book on dog heroes?

  96. Hello, I’m KOREAN, I really liked your book. It was very good. I wish I could travel like Owney. I wish Owney would be alive today =( Well bye and hope to see you soon

  97. If Owney came to Maryland he would have lots of fun playing with all the dogs. He would also love to play with my two dogs also.

  98. If Owney came to my school , I would let him play on my desk and I would give him my snacks to eat and i’ll take him to my house and let himeat everything in the kitchen.

  99. Mona, what do you think would have happened if the postal men didn’t find Owney? I think that if that happened a lot more train crashes would have happened.

  100. Hey we just read book it was so cool. Now my family is thinking about getting a dog I would hope that our dog could be as great as Owney. I loved this book but as it was starting to get to the end I was so sad to hear that his great life had to come to an end because when your reading you forget everyones life has to end.

  101. I would give him a medal of Maryland and my own medal I made. How did you find out about Owney? Also why did you make this book? I really enjoyed the book.

  102. We liked your Dog book Owney is a great dog.

  103. I loved the story about Owney. Owney is an amazing dog he’s smart, and intelligent. I hope i get to see you soon.

  104. Hi, I loved your book about Owney. It’s amazing how he’s so intelligent and independent. Do you wish you had a dog like that?Well see you soon.Bye!

  105. I LOVED the book but why did the postal men called him OWNEY.

  106. I really loved the story about Owney. In fact, I have two dogs of my own! i really hope to see you soon.

  107. How did you find out about Owney did you find him in books? I have a dog named Sam but I wouldn’t find him at a postal office because he’s a dog that you would find playing outside not on trains.

  108. Hi Caroline, Noah, Adrienne, Benji, Jackson, Mackenzie, Peter, Haleigh, Hak K., Malcolm B.,Nicole, Bryce and Sydnie, AJ & Marion, Madison, Sabrina, Alani, Maddie, and Julie,

    Thank you all for writing to me! Malcolm and Nicole, your posts made me think. You both are exactly correct. Caroline, I’m glad you have a puppy. Noah, maybe when you grow up, you can get a dog. Jackson and Julie, your posts made me laugh.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  109. We like Owney. He visited the post office. We like the story. We like how you wrote the story. It’s one of the best books we’ve seen. How did you know about Owney? We like the title of the story, too.

  110. I loved the story of owney, it was so sweet. Do you know if owney ever got lost in a country? Looking forward to seeing you on Dec.1!

  111. I really liked your book. How did you get all the information? I had a dog, her name was Maddy. She died 2 years ago. Did you get good luck after you rubbed Owneys statue. I love to read. I’ll see you on Dec. 1.

  112. I really enjoyed to book Owney it was so interesting to learn about him. I can’t wait to see you on Dec.1st.

  113. hi Mona I really liked your book and also if Owney wasn’t there would there be more train crashes and i really like how you wrote Owneys whole story and i cant wait to see you at my school

  114. That is the most interesting book i have ever heard in my life! I have seen and heard different books before, but not this one. Owney is the smartest dog in the U.S back then. well I just wanted to say that. Owney your the best!

  115. hi Mona I really liked your book and also if Owney wasn’t there would there be more train crashes. and i really like how you wrote Owneys whole story and i cant wait to see you at my school

  116. hi i loved the book you wrote Owney and i love to hear about strays with happy endings all the time and i hate to see animals get hurt and beaten. Please respond and hoping to see you on the first

  117. Hi!I think that Owney is an awesome dog!I wish Owney was MY dog.My dog,Molly would love that! Well,I guess I’ll see you on December 1st. See you then!

  118. I have been to the smithsonian museum and have felt Owney for good luck. I really liked your book and it was very interesting to read.

  119. I like your book.I wish I owned Owney. Sometimes I wish I was Owney.

  120. Hi! I love Owney. He’s so cool! I don’t have a dog yet, but my family is going to adopt a black pug. Well, guess what? I go to Clemens Crossing! See you on December 1, 2010!
    – Kayleigh

  121. I really like Owney. I want to go to that museum where he’s preserved. It stinks that I only have a fish named Sushi. He can really jump, though!

    P.S. Do you know why the post office named Owney Owney?
    P.P.S. I can’t wait to see you in three weeks!

  122. I really like the book a lot and I’m looking forward to your visited

  123. Hi I liked your book . Do you know why the post office named him Owney ? I can’t wait to meet you in December!

  124. Hi, my name is thomas I’m from Clemens Crossing the school your coming to. I really like your book but I wanted to know why he was called Owney and not something else.I can’t wait to see you.

  125. Owney was such a cute book! I could really use a dog like Owney, because my dog Pippi is very naughty. My other dog Tulip is a bit like Owney. She is part terrier and part poodle. Like Owney, she loves people and has lots of friends. Thanks for making such a nice kids book!

  126. I really like the book. Owney was a great dog. I won’t him to play with me.

  127. we really liked your book and we looking forward to seeing you soon.

  128. OWNEY was a good book and I really liked when stayed with the mail.

  129. Hey it’s Adam I loved your book I always wanted to have a dog. If I could, I would have Owney. 😉

  130. Hi, Mona! I loved your book. I was surprised when i found out that Owney, was a non-fiction book. The illustrations really got me. I was also surprised at how many tags he got and friends he made. He has traveled more than I have! Nice job:)

  131. I really loved the book it has inspired me to get a dog of my own. i think it`s amazing how a dog ,Owney can deliver mail across the world ,plus i think it`s awesome job!i wonder if you have a dog? i cant wait to see you december the first

  132. Mrs. Chuppetta’s Kindergarten class, Natalie, Amelia, Katy, Lucas, Andrew, Ceili, Grace, Tommy, Justan, Kayleigh, Nathan, Matthew, Clare, Thomas, Lily, Jayson/Joey, Austin, Adam, Natalie, and Kianna,

    Thank your for your posts to the Owney blog this morning. I can tell that you are readers and writers. You have such interesting things to say.

    I don’t think Owney would have been a good pet. He seemed to think he was a working dog.

    Nathan, you make me laugh when you describe your jumping fish. Tommy, imagine, you rubbed the same Owney statue at the Postal Museum as I did. Ceili, I am just like you–I like to hear of a stray having a happy ending. Andrew, I love your post! Natalie, Owney has traveled more than I have, too!

    Everyone, thanks for all the kind things you said. I’ll see you on December 1.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  133. I really enjoyed your book it was cool. I like Owney

  134. Hi! I really did enjoy your book. What inspired you to write the book? I am looking forward to your visit in December. =)

  135. We loved your book, it was so cool that he could jump from train to train. How many states did Owney go to and how many times did he come to Maryland. Hope to see you December 1st.

  136. Hi i can not wait till your visit. I hope that you talk about Owney when you come.
    I have two kitties. Owney has traveled way more than me i wish i could travel like that. 🙂

  137. When Owney went to the pound did they take off his tags? How many tags did Owney have altogether? We can’t wait till you come!!!!!!

  138. I really liked the book and I think the tags are really cool.
    Sophie: I just got a dog named Jack and he broke through a 3 foot tall iron gate:)
    Chloe:The book was really good. How did you get all the information.

  139. i loved your book about Owney where did you go to research info about Owney ? was it fu to research about Owney ?

  140. I love the book that you made. it makes me wish that i would have a dog. I really want to visit the Smithsonian museum and look at Owny’s trinkets and Owny. i have a question. Where did you look up Owny

  141. We really liked the book. Owney is so cute!!!!!! Did you know that there was a cat who followed her owner up a 16,000 foot mountain and saved the owner from a fall?????? That reminds us of Owney. See you in December!!!!!! 🙂

  142. how many tags were there?

  143. I Really Enjoyed Owney The Mail Pouch Pooch, It Was Very Interesting When I Learned About How He Got Sooooo Many Tags. I Wonder If People Wanted To Keep Owney When He Went To Different Places. Thanks For Writing Owney The Mail Pouch Pooch, See You On December 1st Bye For Now

  144. Hi Mona,
    Alex has visited the Postal Museum,but he didn’t see Owney.
    Josh thinks the mail trains are cool.

  145. Hey! Im savannah I loved the book Owney it was really awsopme I wish I had a dog like owney! I have a pitbull beagle her name is kegan she is pretty smart but shes not as cool as owney bst wishes

    -savannah 😉 😀

  146. We really enjoyed your book. How many mail bags did Owney deliver. How old do you think Owney was when they found him.

  147. I would like to know why you wanted to make a book about Owney.also did you think about how if you had not written a story about Owney then perhaps people would not know so much about Owney.

  148. I like your book! Why doesn’t Owney’s blog recognize the word Owney? I wonder how he got his name.

  149. Hey this is Lily I loved the book. I have a dog but he’s really lazy and if he had to work he would take an hour! Hey do you have a dog? Hope to see you on the 1st.:)

  150. Dear Lily, Nathan, William, Elijah & Matthew, Savanah, Josh & Alex, Shannon, Michelle, Madelyn & Sophia, Brian, Michelle, Sohpie & Chloe, David & Sam, Melanie, Nate & Thomas, Veronica,and Kayla,

    Good morning, everyone!

    Nathan, your question made me do some investigating. I haven’t found the answer yet. I’ll look again when I have more time.

    William, what a nice thing to say. I had never thought of it that way. Alex, when did you visit the Postal Museum? I believe that Owney was NOT on display in September–he was getting a shampoo! Madelyn & Sophia, please tell me more about that cat when I come to visit.

    Nate & Thomas, I wish I knew how many times he traveled to Maryland. I wish that dog could talk!

    See you soon,
    Mona Kerby

  151. do you think you could write a book on swimming?

  152. i am a HUGE swimmer for the YMCA

  153. Hi Sarah, thanks for telling me that you love to swim. I will be thinking about a book on swimming. Your pal, Mona Kerby

  154. How did you write the book

  155. Hi Hayden,
    Thank you for your post. I wrote the book by sitting at a computer and typing. Before that, I read books and newspapers. Does that answer your question?
    Mona Kerby

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