Hello Missouri Students,

What would you like to share after you have read my book, OWNEY, THE MAIL-POUCH POOCH?

Happy reading!

Mona KerbyMap of Missouri

Here is a map of Missouri and a link to your state song, The Missouri Waltz.


17 Responses

  1. In Kansas City, Owney might see the Chiefs’ stadium, Royals’ stadium, the Plaza, and the Kansas City Zoo. He might take a drink out of one of the fountains. He could get a dog tag from Worlds of Fun. He’d love to eat a big, juicy, KC strip steak with Arthur Bryant’s bar-b-que sauce. He’ll need a napkin to wipe his whiskers off.

    Students in Mr. D’s class

  2. Hi Mr. D and Students,

    Thanks for being the first class in Missouri to post a note about what Owney would see. Your note had lots of details–he would see the zoo, lap up water, get a dog tag, and eat! That sounds like a great day to me.

    Best, Mona Kerby

  3. Dear Mrs. Kerby,
    We’re students from Nashua Elementary School and we read your book about Owney the Mail Pouch Pooch. We liked the fact that Owney is based upon a true story. If you came to Kansas City we think you would like to go to World’s of Fun or visit Union Station. Or you could walk across the skywalk to Crown Center to eat at the train restaurant, Fritz’s. They drop off your food by toy train. Another thing you could do is visit all the fountains in Kansas City. Kansas City is famous for its many fountains and tasty bar-b-q. You could take back a train charm to remember your trip or some tasty bar-b-q sauce! We’ve enjoyed reading your book.

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Skare’s 2nd grade students

  4. Dear Owney,
    We just finished your book. We really liked seeing the video of how it would have been to deliver the mail. Our class would like for you to know a little about Kansas City, Missouri. If you came to Kansas City you could see Worlds and Oceans of Fun, Steamboat Arabia, the Royals and Chiefs Stadiums and the Plaza and our great school, Nashua Elementary. You could eat our famous bar-b-q. We would give you a Royals hat or a bar-b-q bone.

    Mrs. Crisafulli’s Class

  5. Hello Mrs. Skare and 2nd grade students,

    Thank you for your writing. Kansas City sounds fun. Wow–eating at a restaurant and having your food delivered by a toy train–Fun! And a real train charm–Owney would have loved that.

    I have made you a flag on Owney’s map. Your class is the very first class to have a flag in the entire state of Missouri.

    All best wishes,
    Mona Kerby

  6. Hello Mrs. Crisafulli and students,

    Thank you for telling me you liked the Owney video. I had so much fun making it. Nashua Elementary must be a terrific school.

    You have written such interesting details about Kansas City. There are lots of things to do in your city–Steamboat Arabia, the Royals and Chiefs Stadium–and eating bar-b-q!

    That last word is making me hungry. I hope you have a good school lunch today.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  7. Dear Owney,
    St. Louis is a really fun city. You will definitely want to see Union Station because it used to be a train station. While you are downtown, you might want to see the Arch and the Misissippi River. Next, you could see the Cardinals and Albert Pujols play baseball at Busch Stadium. After that, you can visit the Science Center and Planetarium to see the stars and planets. When you get hungry, go to Purina Farms and eat some delicious dog food.
    Mrs. Clemenson’s 2nd Grade Class

  8. Dear Owney,
    When you are in St. Louis, there are many things that you should see. First, you have to visit Busch Stadium and watch the Cardinals play baseball. While you are there, you can watch Albert Pujols hit a homerun and see Fred Bird dance. Then, watch the Blues play hockey at the Scott Trade Center and the Rams play football at the Edward Jones Dome. Next, go to the Science Center and see “Grossology”. After that, you could go to the zoo, Queeny Park, the Arch and the City Museum. Before you leave, try some toasted ravioli and pizza at Imo’s.
    Miss Gannon’s 2nd Grade Class

  9. Dear Owney,
    St. Louis is really fun and you’re going to love it! You should definitely watch the Rams play football, the Cardinals play baseball at Busch Stadium and the Blues play hockey. Then, you should visit the zoo and see all the animals. Later, you can go to the Arch and see the Mississippi River. If you get hungry, you can eat some toasted ravioli and have some Ted Drewe’s ice cream for dessert. Before you leave, you have to go to the Science Center. They have the best exhibits.
    Mrs. Norath’s 2nd Grade Class

  10. Dear Students of Mrs. Norath, Miss Gannon, and Mrs. Clemenson,

    Thanks so much for posting on Owney’s blog. You make St. Louis sound so much fun. I want to go visit and see and do all the things you mention–except for eating the dog food at Purina Farms.

    With best wishes, Mona Kerby

  11. i love your book. i wish i could see you in person

  12. Hello! Thanks for posting your sweet note saying you like my book on Owney and wishing you could see me in person. I’d like to meet you, too!
    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  13. Hello! We are so excited to have Owney visiting us in Summersville, Mo. We are a very small town with a small school. We are within just a few miles of the Jack Fork and Current Rivers where many of us fish, swim, canoe and camp in the summertime. We are close to the Mark Twain forest areas and our two main employment opportunities are the school district and the timber industry. While Owney is visiting, we are having a daily, “Where’s Owney” clue on the morning message, we are having a tag designing contest and doing the reader’s theater for K-3. Thank you for writing wonderful books for us to enjoy!

  14. Hi Mrs. Nicholson and students!

    Thank you for posting on the Owney blog. I enjoyed learning about Summersville, MO. Your town sounds delightful. If Owney were alive, I know he would enjoy visiting.

    Best wishes, Mona Kerby

  15. Dear Mrs. Kerby,
    We have enjoyed your books, especially Owney! Thank you for such a wonderful book. We wish Owney was still alive so we could play with him. Summersville Second grade

  16. Dear Mrs. Nicholson and Second Graders at Summersville,

    Don’t you enjoy technology? You live in Missouri, and I live in Maryland, yet we can communicate via this blog on the very same day.

    Thank you for your very kind note!

    Best, Mona Kerby

  17. Dear Mona,
    We enjoyed Owney so much that the kids are begging to do another book visitor! Thank you again for your wonderful story and inspiring others!

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