If Owney came to your school…or town…or Texas, what would he see? Who would he meet or smell? He loved trinkets. What would you give him to help him remember his visit?

In your answer, include your city and state. In the box where it asks for your name, don’t type in your last name.   Click to hear the Texas state song.texas.jpg


12 Responses

  1. dear readers, im a 9 year old girl. i love owney i got the book named owney the mail pouch poch. i cant belive he was a real

    dog. your pal, kayla

  2. Dear Kayla, Thank you for posting! Happy New Year! Best, Mona Kerby

  3. thank you mona i had a awsome new year.and i mwent to visit my mom and step dad.i live with my nanny and my real dad.i wish you a happy new year. love kayla

  4. Rhodes Elementary
    5714 N. Knoll St.
    San Antonio, TX 78240

    We like your book, Owney the Mail Pouch Pooch. It was great! I liked how the people treated him nicely. If Owney came to San Antonio during Fiesta, would see the Battle of the Flowers Parade, (which honors the people that fought for the Alamo). He would see the floats covered in flowers and see King Rey Feo, (The Ugly King) King Antonio, and Texas Cavalier River and Fiesta Flambeau parades. Owney would smell and eat a lot of yummy food like candy, nachos, watermelon, tacos, burritos, pan dulce, and smell smoke from the grills. His ribs would not show. He would hear mariachis, singers, drums and the cracking of pinatas. Owney would take a Fiesta medal with him from the 2010 Fiesta. Each year there is a new medal for Fiesta and people collect them. He could pin it on his collar. I think you should come to fiesta. You would have fun. There are 150 events.


    Hailey, Margaux, Ryan, and Emily

    P.S. Viva Fiesta!

  5. Hi Hayley, Margaux, Ryan, and Emily,

    Thank you for telling us all the wonderful things Owney would see in San Antonio, especially about the fiesta medal. Owney would love that! I will post a flag for Rhodes Elementary on Owney’s map.

    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  6. Hi I am kaylin the girl you met at Endeavour Elementry.I was the one with the mom from Texas. I forgot to tell you that my grandpa taught at UNT. He was Mr. Mccallon. At denten. Tell me if you know him.



  8. Hi Itzel,

    You have asked such good question–why did Owney travel the mail trains? I really don’t know, and I don’t think any one else does.

    The best we can do is guess. He seemed to want an important job.

    Your pal, Mona

  9. Hi Kaylin,

    I saw your teacher this morning. I didn’t know your granddaddy when I was at UNT, but I went there a long time ago–when it was called North Texas State University. I’m so glad I met you!

    Your pal, Mona Kerby

  10. my grandpa worked there when it was called that too. i dont know what he taught i will ask him though.

  11. Howdy!
    If Owney came to Eustace,Texas, I would take him to our ranch. I’d let him ride Benny, my horse. I would teach Owney how to rope. Also, I’d introduce him to our dogs Max, Marshmellow, and Heidi.Together they would chase our cattle and our cats. Then we would take Owney to the creek and dig for fossils. After that we would give him a big bowl of homemade chili. Next l would show him my stamp collection. Before he left l wouldgive him a few of my stamps. We would have a good time.


  12. Dear Owney, If you came to our school, in Eustace, Texas, you’d be surprised. I’m homeschooled so we do our school at home!First we’d do our creative writing. We might write a story about you! Next we’d do math, then language arts, science, and Bible. For Social Studies we might map yourtravels on our big map. Then we would go on a field trip with our homeschool group. We might go to the Tyler Rose Garden. There are over 38,000 different rose bushes there and 500 different varieties of roses.Every October the Texas Rose Festival is held there, with a Rose Tea and a Rose Parade. You could put a rose in your collar, because they grow thornless kinds there.When we got home you could play with our pets. Since we live in the country, we have LOTS of pets. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 8 rabbits, chickens, 4 goats, cows a horse, and a donkey. I think you’d like the dogs best. Their names are Marshmallow,Max, and Heidi. They would love to meet you! Maybe you can come see us soon!

    Laura Ashley C.

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