If Owney came to your school…or town…or Vermont, what would he see? Who would he meet or smell? He loved trinkets. What would you give him to help him remember his visit?

In your answer, include your city and state. In the box where it asks for your name, don’t type in your last name.

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76 Responses

  1. In Rutland, VT Owney would see leaves changing colors and falling off the trees. He would feel wind and it’s cold outside. Sometimes it’s cloudy. He would smell rain on a rainy day, people, and fresh cookies that people make. I would give him a VT state flower.

  2. Owney is a rather small dog to be blocking the soccer goal, but he blocked all the shots. Even though he is small he still had fun playing soccer. He was hard to beat and a fair player.

    Everybody from Neshobe Elementary School loved Owney. He was a good sport:; he participated in the mile club, soccer, recess, art class and library time. He made friends with a penguin,, the Library Lion, the paper mache wieghtlifting man, the administrators, the teachers and all of the kids at our school.

  3. We have a lion in the library, he guards the Neshobe School Library in Brandon, Vermont 05733. Owney met the Library Lion, they got along fine. Our lion wanted some trinkets too, so a primary student made a tag for the lion too.
    Owney went with the primary students on the mile run. Students may run in this twice a week. The run is four times around the fields at Neshobe School during recess. This was perfect for Owney because each time anyone truns a mile they receive one bead. Students collect these trinkets all year. Owney mow has ten beads on his collar.
    When Owney showed up he brought his suitcase whcih, contained, a brush, a comb, a dog dish and a blanket.
    Mrs. Naylor, our school librarian brought in a very small, olf, stuffed dog, so Owney would not be lonely. She thought it looked like Owney. Owney got along with the new dog, they played together.

  4. Dear Isabella, Mrs. Desforge’s Fourth Grade Class and Mrs. Wright’s class,

    Your posts made me laugh. Isabella’s posts about Owney smelling rain on a rainy day and smelling cookies baking in the oven made my nose twitch.

    And I think the real Owney would love soccer. If he liked to chase trains, he surely would like to run after a ball.

    And to think that Owney now has ten beads. He would have been such a happy dog. 🙂

    Sincerely, Mona Kerby

  5. Owney would see beautiful mountains with colored leaves. He would see snow geese flying in the sky. He would see lots of other dogs. Owney would get to go to apple orchards and eat apples.
    We were so glad when Owney came to our school for a visit. We love Owney and his book.

  6. Owney cane for a visit to Porters Point this past week. He met all the classes when they came to the library. He saw children draw his picture on laptop computers. the second graders did a reader’s theater about his book. Many children did worksheets about Owney that we got from Mona Kerby’s terrific web page.
    I think one of Owney’s favorite things was going to the PTO game night and playing BINGO with families and eating lots of great treats! We have mad a little movie of Owney’s visit and it will be on our web page soon.
    Owney got to meet our postal bear too…he likes their blue wool uniforms.
    Thank you for writing such a wonderful book Mona Kerby. We learned a lot of things about Owney and the U. S. Mail.

  7. Dear Porters Point Readers,

    Thank you for telling me about Owney’s visit. I am eager to see your movie about Owney’s visit.

    I am so glad that Owney got to play BINGO and eat treats at the PTO meeting.

    Your pal, Mona Kerby


  9. Hello Mona,
    Thank you so much for sharing your book, Owney, with Chamberlin School students. Every grade from Kindergarten through fourth grade has loved reading about Owney, gathering facts, and understanding the life of a “postal” dog.
    We have especially liked Skyping with you on two separate occasions. With our third grade classes, it was wonderful to hear you explain the writing process, your ideas for Owney and answering their many questions about you and your book. You made your book come alive for them.
    When Mrs. Detterman’s fourth grade class presented their letters that they wrote about Owney, they loved having you present to listen to them. They all felt very special when you called each and every one of them by name and answered their questions. The families that were invited were excited about Skyping an author without your physical presence. The students want to know “who they will meet next” while other students want to know when they will meet you.
    Thank you for two wonderful Skype presentations and the opportunity for all of our students to learn about dogs, conduct research and create special connections in their own lives.
    Cally Flickinger and all our students
    Chamberlin School
    South Burlington, Vermont

  10. i think owney was a good dog and a cute one

  11. i think owney was a good dog and a cute one
    please respond your pal kayla.

  12. i think owney was a good job good work on the book owney the mail pouch poch ni love that book please write back your pal kayla.

  13. i love the book owney.

  14. owney is a nice dog and i wish he was my dog

  15. owney was a good dog i love him so much im in love with with a dog named owney.

  16. owney was a good dog.

  17. i think it is so cool that owney travled the world on trains and he lived at the post office. he is one amazing dog i love him so much i went to the albany new york and i visted the post office and i saw a pitcure of owney i love him.

  18. i think it is so cool that owney travled the world on trains and he lived at the post office. he is one amazing dog i love him so much i went to the albany new york and i visted the post office and i saw a pitcure of owney .

  19. i love owney i cant believe that he travled the world and lived in a post office.

    your pal kayla

  20. Here’s a letter from Myles of Vermont.–mk

    October 30, 2009

    Dear Postal Clerks,

    When I got to see Owney get off the train, I got so excited and so Owney and I went to my grandmother’s house and we said, “We’re home.”
    She said, “ “Let’s eat at the bakery.” Owney and my grandmother went to the Vesuvio Bakery. The baker, Mr. Vesuvio asked us if Owney would like a taste of black berry pie, and Owney barked, like he was saying Yes, Yes!
    So Mr. Vesuvio gave Owney some pie and Owney and I went back to my grandmother’s house. He tried to catch a cat, but he couldn’t. He did manage to tangle me up.
    We went to bed. I got up and Owney was gone. So I had fun, but I miss Owney.


  21. A letter from Max of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany Postal Clerks,
    Owney came to South Burlington, Vermont. He visited the hockey rink. Owney must have hated those hockey pucks because every time he saw one sliding across the ice, he his under the bleachers and barked.
    I could tell Owney was ready to leave, but instead we got him some hot chocolate. Don’t ask why. Owney burned his paw when he stuck it in the hot chocolate by accident. I dropped my slushy and Owney went sliding across the floor. Splash!!! His paw went right in.
    I think Owney had had enough of rink one, so we brought Owney to rink two. Owney was already asking for money for the game room. I gave him a couple of bucks and watched the hockey game while Owney wandered into the bathroom!!! I tried to stop him but it was too late. Owney was already drinking out of the toilet. Lucky for him, he didn’t fall in.
    I think Owney smelled the food because when I was cleaning up the bathroom, I saw him running. I was too late. Owney was already eating other people’s food. It was a disaster.
    Don’t ask why I brought Owney on the ice. I thought he would have some fun, but he kept falling and bonking into the boards. Then I got him some soda. He was out of control. He freaked out and barked. Don’t ask why I brought him there in the first place.
    In the morning I saw Owney hitching a ride on a go-cart. He was gone in the next five seconds.

  22. A letter from Julie of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany, New York Postal Clerks,

    I took Owney to the mall. He was excited. He smelled a waitress walking past him because she was carrying a yummy steak at the middle of her palm. He saw the steak. Owney jumped up on the waitress. The waitress knew that Owney wanted a steak because Owney saw the steak and then grabbed the steak. “Stop that dog right now,” said the waitress
    I said, “Stop, Owney, right now,” and then Owney stopped. I said, “ Give that steak back to the waitress now,” and Owney gave it to the waitress.
    “The waitress said, “He’s a good dog after all. Keep it.”
    I said, “Thank you very much.” Owney was happy that he got to keep the steak.
    We came back the next day. I think Owney really thought he had a great time with the waitress, and I think that the waitress liked Owney a lot too, but I was glad that Owney met the waitress.
    The next day when I woke up, Owney was gone to where he was before. I really miss Owney because we went to the stores in the mall and I really liked it when Owney and I spent time together.


  23. A letter from Jack of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Postal Clerks of Albany, New York,
    I took Owney to Fenway Park, and he loved it! We sat in the Green Monster. When Owney looked down onto the field (36 feet) he jumped back to me and he was scared. I calmed him down by buying him a Foam Finger that said, “GO RED SOX.”
    Do you feed Owney? Because during the game he gulped down two Fenway Franks (hot dogs) and a bag of popcorn and lemonade. The Sox got a ton of hits and each time they got one, Owney wagged his tail which had the Foam Finger on it.
    In the fourth inning, Jason Bay (LF) hit the ball over the monster. . .Owney jumped over the seats and jumped up to catch the ball in his mouth!
    After the game, which was won by the Sox, 15-7, we went to our hotel in Boston, where Owney slipped out of his cap and Red Sox shirt. He curled up next to my bed and went to sleep, dreaming of a trip to go back to Albany, or something.
    So the next morning, after breakfast, we went to the train station to see him off. I hope Owney comes back to another Sox game, because I have two more tickets for behind the home plate!
    All the best,
    P.S. Next time I’ll bet Owney will pose as an advertisement to get on the field!

  24. A letter from Brandyn of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Postal Clerks of Albany, New York,

    Owney has been to Jaycee Park in South Burlington, Vermont. He has tried to catch a squirrel, but not yet.
    I am thinking that he will soon.

    We went over to the big field and Owney ran to the baseball field and grabbed a bat. The coach chased him, but Owney was too fast for the coach. I yelled, “Give that bat back to the coach.”

    The coach said, “Oh, keep it. It is an old one, anyways.” We played with it, and then we went home, and on the way, Owney caught a squirrel! He did not know what to do with it, so the squirrel got free, and we made it home with no trouble. Phew!

    When we got home, we went into my bedroom and Owney messed it all up. My trophies were knocked over and my bed was all messy where he was lying on it. Then I heard a sound, and Owney knew the sound. It was a mail wagon.

    Owney got on the mail wagon and there was lots of mail. He watched out for any danger. I said, “Bye, have a good time on your new journey.”

  25. A letter from Bailey of Vermont.–mk

    To: Postal Clerks
    Albany, New York

    Dear Postal Clerks,
    I am writing to let you know how much we like Owney! He has seen all the dogs and employees. Owney likes the buttery popcorn, but he loves ice cream, although we have seen him twitch from brain freeze.
    Owney tried to beat me at Wii baseball. I wonder if he wishes he had hands like me. At 10:00 AM I took Owney outside to the duck pond and, surprisingly, he jumped in. After drying Owney off for two hours, my arms hurt. I had to get Jessie to help me.
    I heard Owney yelping down the slide. Of course I didn’t make him go down the slide. He just ran, slipped, and went down.
    Owney slowly dug through the trashcan, picking out the food. When I saw him, I pried him from the trashcan, but he was clinging on to that thing.
    We wish Owney would come back soon.

    Ben & Jerry’s

  26. A letter from Nicole of Vermont.–mk

    To: Postal Clerks
    Albany, NY

    Dear Postal Clerks,

    Owney has come to my Aunt’s apartment. When Owney arrived, I was surprised because I was just walking with my parents to the front door of the building and then the mail truck passed. As it passed, out jumped Owney! When we opened the door to the building, Owney came running, but before Owney could knock us over, we moved out of the way and Owney smashed his head into the elevator door, but he’s okay.

    Owney also had a couple more adventures while he was here. First, he heard my mom yell, “Stop harassing the cat!” When he heard that, Owney jumped up in surprise. We were surprised at how high he went up.

    After that, Owney heard the cat meow. Owney was surprised, so he chased after the cat, and Owney was faster than the cat. Owney got to the cat so he began to lick and slobber the cat. Owney had completely slobbered all over the cat, so he decided to have a rest.

    He walked over to the corner by the TV so he could still hear us talking on the couch. When Owney woke up, he saw that nobody was on the couch so he looked at the table. That’s when Owney saw us eating.

    Owney decided to come over. He saw us shoving food in our mouths and he ran over. When he got a little scrap of food from my dad, Owney went to everyone else so he could get a scrap of food from everyone. That made Owney satisfied. When we were done eating, we sat down on the couch. Owney came over and begged us to turn the TV on.

    When I left, Owney stayed behind with my aunt. My aunt woke up the next morning and Owney wasn’t there. I have tracked down the next place Owney is going to, and he is going to Washington, DC.

    Nicole from Vermont

  27. A letter from Mia of Vermont.–mk

    To: Albany Postal Clerks
    Albany, NY
    Owney had a fun time here in Vermont. He came on a mail truck at 4:00. He chased me while wagging his tail happily. When we got out back to my clubhouse, he picked out his favorite place to sleep. I watched him bark and chase the birds.
    While my dad was making hot dogs, Owney snatched one when my dad wasn’t looking. “You bring that wiener back,” he said, “don’t make me come after you.” He didn’t sound angry. I started to laugh. So did my dad.
    Later that evening while I was eating, Owney was being chased by my dogs. The funny part was when he went on the trampoline. The dogs jumped on after Owney, and Owney flew at least 15 feet in the air!
    That night, after Owney was doing his “business,” he ran into the side of the house. I think he shook it! My mom ran outside to see what was wrong. “Oh,you poor little dog,” she said. “Is he okay?” said my sister, running outside.
    After that, Owney decided he wanted to sleep in the laundry basket. “What happened to the mail-pouch?” I said.
    The next day, while the mailman was in the neighborhood, Owney decided he wanted to chase the mailman. Of course I had to chase after him. The other dogs in the neighborhood decided that they would join him. All of the dogs’ owners had to chase their dogs too. They were not very happy. The dogs were all friends by the time Owney jumped on the mail truck and left.
    Bye for now,

  28. A letter from Kayla of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany Postal Clerks,
    Owney came to my house. He was scratching on my door. I welcomed him, and I gave him some Crunch. He loved it very much. Then it was 12:00 in the afternoon, so I went to Pet Smart to buy Owney a collar. It said, “Owney, NY Postal Clerks.” It was solid gold, real gold.
    Next we went to the mall. He wanted a smoothie. I got two smoothies. The flavors were banana and strawberry and he tried to drink out of the straw but it kept on going back and forth. He ate the straw. Everyone laughed at him. We went to the food court and I bought Owney a hot chicken sandwich to eat.
    So then we went to the beach. Owney got a sunburn on his nose. He thought he was on fire. I gave Owney some sun block. Then Owney and I went home. On the way home from the beach, he met another dog named Owney. They got along great, so they barked all day. I said, “Owney, come on now we have to go back to my house.” He was very happy.
    It was nighttime. We had spaghetti and meatballs. Nanny said, “Does Owney want meatballs?” He shook his head to say yes. Nanny gave Owney 10 meatballs and spaghetti. He ate it all up, so he got a sundae with three cherries on top.
    Owney watched television like a lazy person. He wanted to watch Nickelodeon to see Sponge Bob. We had to go to bed.
    The next morning, Owney woke up, and when he did, he ran down the stairs and smelled pancakes. He pointed to the chocolate chips. I said, “Want eight pancakes?” He nodded his head yes.
    I took Owney to the train station. He hopped on a train to Mexico. As he was on the train, he barked and chased his tail happily. Then the train left. Owney was happy and I was sad. But then I went back to Pet Smart and bought a dog and named it Owney to remind me.
    Sincerely, Kayla

  29. A letter from Joey of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Postal Clerks,
    Owney got dropped off at the train near my house. We were just about to go to Maine when Owney dropped by. He gave my family that sneezy hello. My mom said we should bring him along with us. So Owney went with us. He sat in the back with my brother and me. We stopped to get something to eat. Owney wanted my food, but I didn’t let him.
    When we got to Maine, we checked into the hotel, and then we went into our room. The first thing we did is we went swimming. Owney put swimming gear on. We thought that was funny! Owney jumped into the pool with a big splash! Owney did the doggy paddle and then we got in with him. When we were done, Owney swished his fur around and got us all wet again.
    When we got into our room, Owney touched the beds, chairs, TV, lamp, door, and the windows. Then we went to dinner. Owney ordered steak. Owney got done and he begged for more so I let him have my peas. Then Owney wandered around and ate any food off the floor that people dropped. I told him to stop eating food off the floor, but he didn’t listen.
    Owney smelled some more food. He followed the smell. It was more steak. Owney gave the waiter the look he couldn’t stand, so he let Owney have it.
    Owney took the card from my mom’s hand to get into the room. He put the card in the slot. It was funny and cute. We went to bed and he slept with my aunt and me.
    The next day I saw Owney, and I was surprised to see him. I thought he would have jumped back on the train. We went to the beach and Owney put sunglasses on. It was funny! Owney saw seagulls and he chased them, but he tripped and the seagulls flew away.
    When we went to bed that night, Owney started to lick me. It was his way to say thanks for bringing him. My mom said, “Let’s take Owney for one more walk.” So we did.
    On the way home, Owney sat on my lap, and said, “Ruff, ruff.” I think that he was saying good-bye to my aunt when she left the car. We got home and Owney waited for the mail truck. It took a long time, so we played ball for a couple of hours, and then Owney heard the mail truck and he ran through the corn field and got on the truck.
    I yelled, “Bye, Owney!” And he howled back. I hope Owney comes back again someday.

  30. A letter from Emily of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany, New York Postal Clerks,

    Owney arrived at our house just before we left for Montreal. We thought he would love The Biodome.
    When we got in, Owney barked at the sea otters and boy, did he love the slide! When he saw the Capybaras, Owney went between two bars and fell in with them! He started to chase them. Owney probably wanted to catch one. We got someone to get him. “You naughty dog!” the stranger said to him.
    When we went to the fish, Owney barked at them. When we went to the bat room, we found out he’s afraid of bats! He whimpered while we were there.
    We went to the cafeteria. We got Owney some soup. He loved it! After, we bought him a tag in the gift shop.
    We knew Owney missed you. We brought him to the post office. After good-bye hugs, we gave him a big bone. Then he hopped on the truck and barked good-bye.
    I think Owney’s coming home to you. I miss him so much. Give him my love.

  31. A letter from Ben of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany Postal Clerks,
    I am mailing you to tell you what Owney has been doing here at my house. He was following the blue wool uniformed mailman when he got to my house. Owney bolted up the driveway past the cars to the door. I was very surprised to see him. I never thought that he would come to my house. My cat, Jasmine, was furious.
    We let Owney in and fed him some cold steak. He gobbled it up and loved it! Then Owney went to every room in the house and sneezed to everyone to say hello. Finally, he saw my cat. All of Jasmine’s fur stood on end and she arched her back and hissed. Owney chased her all around the house. Then he decided to lie on the couch, and Jasmine climbed on top of him. They both fell asleep peacefully.
    The next day, when the mailman came, Owney walked off with him. We will always miss him. Except for Jasmine, who walked around like she owned the universe.



  32. A letter from Amy of Vermont.–mk

    Dear Albany Postal Clerks,
    Owney has been here for a week and we love him. He saw a lot of people, so he got very excited. We had to put him on a leash because he was getting crazy.
    I am making his chow. Owney is lying on a mailbag. He smells his food, so I’ll give it to him. I tell him, “if you eat it, you’ll get a treat,” so he chows it down.
    I asked Owney, “ Do you want a bone or a treat?” I gave him a bone. I’m going to sit down and watch TV with Owney. I think he likes it. He needs some rest anyway. I asked him if he wanted some ice-cream.
    When I asked Owney to find a letter for this lady who had lost it, he helped her by digging through the mail. He found it! Three cheers for Owney.
    Owney made a lot of friends. We would love for him to come back.

  33. My name is Gavin I am 7. Today I learned about Owney in school. I think he was soo cute and very smart…I wish he was still alive.

  34. i love you owney

  35. We were lucky enough to have Owney visit our school, Newport City Elementary, in Newport, and since it was around Thanksgiving vacation I took him home to eat turkey with our family and go to hunting camp. Owney certainly is a good guard dog, because no animals came near that turkey!

  36. owney was a good dog and i wish he was still alive! i love owney he was cute i wish he was my dog if he was still alive

  37. owney i love you very much and your cute and funny i love you

    kayla woodman

  38. We just read “Owney” and watched the video by Mona Kerby. It was great. If Owney came to our town…
    What would Owney see?
    He would see our school. He would see different kinds of cars. He would see snow. He would see see leaves that are pretty. He would see Chinese people sometimes. He would see would boys and girls and grownups.
    Who would he meet or smell?
    He will smell food like chicken. He would meet mail people that take care of our mail. He would meet other animals like himself. He would meet other girl dogs that look like him.
    What types of trinkets would you give him to remember his visit?
    We would give him a bone and a medal. We would give him a medal with a picture of us on it. We could give him a valentine. We could give him a bottle of maple syrup. We could give him some Grafton cheese.

  39. We just read “Owney…” and watched the video by Mona was great! If Owney came to our town…
    What would Owney see?
    He would see our school. He would see different kinds of cars. He would see snow. He would see see leaves that are pretty. He would see Chinese people sometimes. He would see would boys and girls and grownups.
    Who would he meet or smell?
    He will smell food like chicken. He would meet mail people that take care of our mail. He would meet other animals like himself. He would meet other girl dogs that look like him.
    What types of trinkets would you give him to remember his visit?
    We would give him a bone and a medal. We would give him a medal with a picture of us. We could give him a valentine. We could give him a bottle of maple syrup. We could give him some Grafton cheese.

  40. i just read the book owney with my caouson kayla.
    i loved the book before kayla read the book to me i didnt have a clue of who owney was.

  41. Dear Mona Kerby,
    Thank you so much for visiting with us via Skype today! We were so proud to carry your banner in our school’s “I Love to Read Week – Olympics Style” Opening Ceremonies parade of favorite authors. Did we tell you that our stuffed dog, Owney, waved the Olympic flag as the entire school gathered for the ceremony? It was such fun!

    It was great to talk with you today. We can’t wait to read your next book!
    Mrs. McQuillen’s First Graders

  42. If Owney were to visit the Shelburne Community School In Shelburne, VT he would see a lot of teachers and students. Today he would see lots of clouds and rain. There are a lot of trees for Owney to smell and play under. He would also see all of us writing in class. We would make tags for Owney and give them to him. He would get to meet the principal and be allowed in the school. Owney would probably smell our lunch food and sniff at the kids.

    I hope that Owney has had a fun time traveling. We liked reading the story very much!

    Mrs. Mendl’s Class
    Inspire Team

  43. Dear Mrs. Kerby,

    If Owney were to come to South Hero, he would smell cow manure from the farms because there are lots of farms in South Hero. The farmers spread cow manure from their farms on their fields along the roads. We grow vegetables and fruits in our town. We grow a lot of apples in South Hero, because we have two orchards, Allenholm Orchard and Hacketts Orchard. He also would smell pine trees. He would smell smoke from the sugar houses that boil the sap down for maple sugar.

    Owney would see Morgan horses at farms next to the Grand Isle School and we think one of our student’s has Morgans, too. He would see other dogs; we would like Owney to meet Tubby, Owen and Jet, Ginger, Trouser, Eliot, and Seven, Bo, Charlie, our student’s new dog when he gets him (he’ll be a Boxer), another one of our students would like him to meet his 10 puppies and Dukey and Jenna and Mia and 11 puppies, Daisy, and Jack, Hannah and Rosie, Rockie, Zoey, Chaos, and finally, Rugle. Whew!!!!

    Waves crashing against the shore of Allen Point of Lake Champlain is the first thing Owney would hear. He would also hear dogs barking, cars starting their engines on their way to Pizza Putt, dirt bikes, cats meowing, birds squawking because they are talking to each other, and the donkey hee-hawing at Allenholm.

    We would give Owney a heart, a bowl for his food, wide open spaces for him to run, pictures of students from Folsom school, bottle of water, Papa Ray’s apple pie, milk from Maxham dairy farm, Papa Ray’s cherry pie, eggs, bacon, apples from our orchards, and pancakes. We would also give him dog toys!

  44. Dear Postal Service of Albany, NY,

    We read the book about Oweny. We decided to write a letter about what he would see, hear and smell, who he would meet and what trinkets he would receive.
    Owney would see trees, grass, mountains, trains and animals. Owney would love to see it up here because he can run all he wants. Owney would love to walk in the woods because we have lots of wildlife in Vermont. Owney can chase deer, cars and even trains. He can eat all the meat he wants because many people have deer meat stocked up in the freezer. He would see lakes and the Connecticut River and people fishing. He would see all sorts of flowers and plants even berries. He would see people walking and hunting in the woods. Cars, schools, computers, maple sugar houses and lots of maple trees are in Vermont also.
    Oweny would smell the mountains and the freshness of our land. If Owney visited our small town, he would meet the postman of Barnet, VT and he would meet the students of Barnet School. If Owney did come to VT, then most likely people would help him on his journey. Owney would smell the fresh cut trees and the berries. He would smell deer and many different animals. Owney would smell lots of corn too.
    He would meet deer, a moose or two and rabbits. He might meet a black bear or maybe even a bald eagle. On a rare occasion he would meet wolves or maybe a bobcat. Cats, dogs and birds are common and easy to spot in Vermont. On an early spring day, he would smell the fresh maple syrup. Oweny would be very happy to smell the smells of Vermont. He would smell the farms. He would smell the fresh cow manure.
    We would give him a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream trinkets. I would give him a Vermont Yankee trinket. Owney would get a maple syrup bottle cap and he would get a Green Mountain coffee tag.
    Oweny would have an awesome vacation in Barnet and Vermont.

    The Barnet School Fourth Graders

  45. I love the Auqer home. It is cool because there is a dirt bike track. I want to watch Owney ride the dirt bike.

  46. He would see the beautiful flowers and leaves. He would meet my dog and me, my mom, my dad, and my sister. I would give him a picture of me and my friends.

  47. If Owney came to my house, he would see my christmas trees. He would see my mom, dad, sister, brother, and me. He would smell flowers. I would give him a piece of a christmas tree to remember his stay.

  48. If Owney came to the NEK he would see leaves falling down. He would meet my mom, Dakota, Andrea,my dog, Grammy and my Grampa Mel. I would give him a bone.

  49. Owney would see my house and my room. Owney would smell me and
    my family. Owney would see me and my family. I would give him
    a trinket.I would make the trinket say Ella will miss you I hope i see you in Owney and you are really cool.

  50. Owney would see Shadow Lake and all the people. He would meet me and my family. I would give Owney a picture of Shadow Lake.

  51. If Owney came to Glover School he would see Ben in 3rd grade.He would meet and smell Mrs. Auger. I would give him a cap from a Vermont maple syrup container.

  52. If Owny came here he would see me.I would take him to my house.He would meet my family.He would smell winter because it is coming.He would meet my friends too.When it’s time for him to go,I would give him a picture of me.I hope he had fun!

  53. Owney would come to Currie’s market and meet Me,Windy, My family,and Windy’s Family, And all the customers. Owney would see leaves falling. Owney would see leaves all different color leaves. I would let owney come to my house. I would let owney see my chickens.I would get him a maple leaf trinket.I would also give him a picture of my family.

  54. If Owney came to my house he would see wood and lots of wood.Owney would smell the the wood and he would meet me my mom,dad,sister,my 5 dogs about 9 cats 1 ferrets and my fish , and A picture of my family and my wood lot.

  55. He would see red,yellow and orange leaves on the trees he would smell food I would give him a fake gold piece. He would also see a cool school Glover school. He would smell good smells like baked goods. He would smell : brownies, cookies, cakes and meat. I know he would have a good time!!

  56. If Ownney came to newport he would roll in the green grass.He would smell my dad and my sister and me and meet me and my dad and sister. I would give him a letter that would say i miss you Oweny.

  57. If Owney came to my house and he would see my pond and my swing set.Owney would meet my Dad, Sister, Brother and he would also meet my dog I WOULD GIVE OWNEY A picture of me. But I would put plastic over the picture so it wouldn’t get wet.

  58. Owney would visit my house. He would see a bomb shelter and bones.and he would see a squirrel and chase it. Owney would meet my cat and he would chase off a Racoon would give him a bone and a trinket and a tug of war toy.

  59. Dear Sam, Melanie, Siara, Asom, Destiny, Lily, Wayne, Ben, Jericho, Nat, Jordyn, and Bailey,

    Thanks for posting on Friday afternoon on October 29, 2010. Owney would be busy if he came to your school and neighborhoods!

    Imagine–he would see a bomb shelter, a squirrel, a pond, a dog, colorful leaves. He would smell cookies, family members, explore the woods, go to Currie’s Market, and get pictures of all of you.

    Thanks for writing,
    Mona Kerby

  60. If Owney came to my school in the NEK he would see lots of trees and farms. Owney would smell parker pie pizza. I would give him a Maple Leaf to remember his visit.

  61. If Owney came to my school he would see lots of people. If Owney came to my school or town he would see Jim at the store. I would give him a Maple leaf because he would remember all the trees and woods.

  62. If owney came to my school in the Nek he would see a lot of maple trees, and a lot of sugar houses. Owney would see a lot of snow, grass, rain, and mud. Owney would see a large white building with a big pole with a flag with red and white stripes and 50 white stars. Owney would smell grass, birds, and cats and other dogs and Owney would smell classroom filled with people. I would give Owney a tiny little jar that’s like two centimeters tall with a few drops of maple syrup with a maple leaf attached to the jar.

  63. If Owney came to glover town he would see many, many trees and a very large river. Owney would see many people and smell pine trees and other stuff. I would make owney a paper pine tree and write “Thanks for visiting”.

  64. I think Owny would see lots of trees smell good maple syrup and see lots of farms . I would give him a quarter I shot and put it on him .

  65. If owney came to the N.E.K. he would see Curriers , the Busy Bee ,and my cousins . Owney would also meet me,my family and Jim C. I would also give him a biscuit and a trinket.

  66. if owney came to my house he would see my fort a cat my 2 dogs and my 2 older brothers.

  67. if oweny came to my school in the nek vt what would he see trees and leafs people. who would owney meet or smell he would meet dogs teachers babys and he would smell maple candy ice cream chocolate.what would i give owney to help him remember his visit. I would give him a collar.

  68. If owney came to nek he would see lots of trees and grass.He might go to Currier’s Market. i think he would see lots of animals too. He might even go visit farms. Owney would smell Parker Pie Pizza and cows. He might meet the town clerk too. I would give him a picture of the school so he remembered me.

  69. If Owney came to Glover VT he would see lots of trees and maple syrup.Owney would meet lots of people and he would smell sap.I would give Owney a little bottle of syrup on a key chain.the end.

  70. Owney would see lots of trees. Owney would see me and my family and play with my dogs. I would give Owney a maple leaf trinket and Owney was a good friend to bad he has to go.

  71. i think owney would see curriers market,maple line’s,and sap buckest.
    he would small people that have dog’s and cat.yes because he is a good dog i would

  72. If Owney came to my school in NEK he would see a lot of mountains and trees. He would see sugur houses and quiet a lot of people. He would also see farms.
    Owney would meet mostly nice people. He would meet me even and all my my friends. Owney would smell fresh air. He would also smell wood.
    Owney loved tinkets so I wood make him one that had mountains and trees on the frount and a picture of my class on the back.

  73. 1.If Owney came to Glover Vermont he would see sugur houses,farms,camps are really populer around here,snow right now,and Glover school play ground,oh and Curriers market.
    2.He would meet me mackenzie Y. And all my friends and Jim
    3.I would give him my good luck charm and a little photo album to attach to his callor

  74. if owney came to the NEK he would see lot’s of trees and if he came to my house he would meet my bunny oreo and I would take him on a ride on my four wheeler.

  75. If Owney came to my school he would see lots of trees,people,houses,farms and lots of colorful leaves.He would meet dogs,people. He would smell maple syrup.I would give him a collar and a leaf.

  76. Hi Alexis, Hailey, Mackenzie, BrookeLynne, Trevor, Bryce, Ben, Chris, Cassandra, Nicholas, Hunter, Matthew, Amanda, Aiden, Isiah, and Caleb,

    Thank you for posting. You make NEK sound wonderful. I want to visit! I would see trees, leaves, farms, smell and eat maple syrup, meet your other brothers, see your fort, meet your bunny, and meet mostly nice people.

    Your descriptions are very detailed.

    I hope you can enjoy the snow–but not the mud.

    Best wishes,
    Mona Kerby

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